By Women Just For Women


We get it. You don’t really like working out in gyms with a bunch of meat head guys! That’s why we founded Summerlin Fitness 4 Women.

Gyms memberships are expensive and here’s what always seems to happen.

Stop me if any of this sounds like you.

You sign up for a long term gym membership, go for awhile and then stop going.

Perhaps you show up, but when you get there, you do 30 minutes on machines, wandering from machine to machine and then think to yourself “Ok I’m good…” as you head for the door!

We’ve all done that!

Not so with a personal trainer on your side. You show up and get an incredible workout every single time. Why? Because you now have accountability. I’m waiting for you to show up, so you show up and together, we get the work done.

But guess what? The results you get are much better, happen much faster and last because our workouts are more intense.

You feel good knowing that you always get a rock solid workout in and you don’t even have to leave your house if you don’t want to!